Monday, May 25, 2009

Minimal Traditional Article

From the Fresno Bee: Soul and Character: Depression Spurs the Minimal Traditional Look

The MT was made for cost-conscious home buyers in the 30s, during wartime and immediately afterward. But this one is single-story and 2000 SF? I'd like to see pics though.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Light Fixtures

I visited a friend today and loved her MiniTrad's light fixtures:

This sconce is one of two in a pair, flanking the space directly above the fireplace. I've seen these deco-style sconces above fireplaces in many MTs in our area.

Where can I buy these cute fixtures?

Corner Window Treatments

Corner windows are a central feature of minimal traditionals. How to do 'em up? Check it out:

Better Homes and Gardens' ideas
Apartment Therapy readers' prescription #1 and prescription #2
Smith + Noble corner window hardware
House Beautiful's take in House Beautiful Window Workshop

Richland Letter Houses

In 1943, Richland (Wash.) residents built homes after selecting a plan from the "letter house" options. Read more about the Richland letter houses at the East Benton Historical Society.

Here are some minimal traditional plans:

D house

G house

H house

M house

S house

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Minimal Traditional -- GRAPHIC!

Minimal Traditionals in Seattle

The minimal traditional in Seattle, featured in "Classic Houses in Seattle."

And a photo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Minimal Traditional Windows

An 1989 article on window replacement from the NYT, still relevant:

TALKING: Windows; To Repair, Restore or Replace?

We are looking into having our wood restored, and adding wood (instead of aluminium) storm windows for appearance. We have a mix of single-pane and double-hung windows. Unfortunately, the house is heavy on the single-pane. When do you give up on the old and give into the new?

According to the Glendale guidelines:

  • "Windows are generally divided-light wood double-hung sash or divided-light steel
  • Wood and steel windows typically do not both occur on the same building.
    Each bay usually has only one window.
  • Single pane hexagonal or round windows, typically near front doors, are common.
  • Windows may be decorated with louvered or paneled shutters."

I will try to post examples of the above. I sure like the hexagonal windows. But double-hung wins the sexy award.

A Two-story Mini

A realtor offered a two-story minimal for sale, in 2008.

Not so mini, but it is located in Texas.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Because I was asked. Toasters:

Toaster Central offers many sweet midcentury toasters, including the 1947 General Electric Automatic Toaster: "for the war bride this was a symbol of home and hearth, and the hope of prosperity in peace-time America." Because when a man comes home from war, he wants toasted bread.

And lots more toasty bread for your war man on Ebay.
Welcome to my minimal traditional blog. I'm mostly doing this for myself, to keep track of information and resources as I come across them. I'm researching facets of minimal traditional housing (aka World War II cottages and "my weird 1940s house, I'm not sure what it's called but the realtor swore it was a Cape").

They were obviously built for the masses, before the masses thought they needed masses of stuff. With a small footprint, low-key detailing and tight, boxy frame, this little house has provided snug shelter for generations.

I just bought one. What can I do with it? Let's find out. If you've come across this blog, please feel free to contact me and tell me all about your MT.