Monday, May 25, 2009

Minimal Traditional Article

From the Fresno Bee: Soul and Character: Depression Spurs the Minimal Traditional Look

The MT was made for cost-conscious home buyers in the 30s, during wartime and immediately afterward. But this one is single-story and 2000 SF? I'd like to see pics though.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Light Fixtures

I visited a friend today and loved her MiniTrad's light fixtures:

This sconce is one of two in a pair, flanking the space directly above the fireplace. I've seen these deco-style sconces above fireplaces in many MTs in our area.

Where can I buy these cute fixtures?

Corner Window Treatments

Corner windows are a central feature of minimal traditionals. How to do 'em up? Check it out:

Better Homes and Gardens' ideas
Apartment Therapy readers' prescription #1 and prescription #2
Smith + Noble corner window hardware
House Beautiful's take in House Beautiful Window Workshop

Richland Letter Houses

In 1943, Richland (Wash.) residents built homes after selecting a plan from the "letter house" options. Read more about the Richland letter houses at the East Benton Historical Society.

Here are some minimal traditional plans:

D house

G house

H house

M house

S house

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Minimal Traditional -- GRAPHIC!

Minimal Traditionals in Seattle

The minimal traditional in Seattle, featured in "Classic Houses in Seattle."

And a photo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Minimal Traditional Windows

An 1989 article on window replacement from the NYT, still relevant:

TALKING: Windows; To Repair, Restore or Replace?

We are looking into having our wood restored, and adding wood (instead of aluminium) storm windows for appearance. We have a mix of single-pane and double-hung windows. Unfortunately, the house is heavy on the single-pane. When do you give up on the old and give into the new?

According to the Glendale guidelines:

  • "Windows are generally divided-light wood double-hung sash or divided-light steel
  • Wood and steel windows typically do not both occur on the same building.
    Each bay usually has only one window.
  • Single pane hexagonal or round windows, typically near front doors, are common.
  • Windows may be decorated with louvered or paneled shutters."

I will try to post examples of the above. I sure like the hexagonal windows. But double-hung wins the sexy award.